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Stained Glass Dragons by Chippaway Art Glass


Choose from Cleopatra, Blaze, Baby Sharmin and Stormy. Prices shown beneath each dragon picture.

Cleopatra dragon body 7 1/2 inches wing span approximately 17 inches
- Cleopatra kit: $22.50
  Blaze dragon body 5 3/4 inches
wing span 12 inches
- Blaze kit: $15.50
Baby Sharmin body: 5 1/2 inches
wing span: 9 inches
- Sharmin kit: $13.50
  Stormy body: 7 1/2 inches
wing span: 12 inches
- To make the Stormy Dragon, purchase the Cleopatra Dragon kit for $22.50, and then add 75¢ for the Stormy wing pattern.

Flying Dragon Do-It-Yourself Kits include:

• dragon body
• wing pattern
• brass rod for hanging bracket
• Swarovski rhinestone crystals for eyes
• 50 lb. test nylon line for hanging your dragon
• instructions and illustration page

All orders are placed by phone at (603) 893-2286. Thank you!

Dragonfly Do-It-Yourself-Kits include:

• dragonfly body
• wing pattern
• hanging ring
• instructions
• set up blocks

Dragonfly Kit: $5.25 each

Dragonfly body can be purchased separately: $4.00 each

Dragonfly kit: $5.25
Completed Dragonfly: $19.00 each
(request color)

Flying Dragon Do-It-Yourself Kits and
Dragonfly Do-It-Yourself Kits -Click to see Dragonfly Kits below.

Call us at (603) 893-2286 to place your order for Flying Dragon Kits or Dragonfly Kits or visit us at the studio to make your purchase.

Dragon Description: Dragon bodies are made of pewter, which is a metal that you can easily solder the stained glass wings into. Sparkling Swarovski rhinestone crystals for dragon eyes are provided in your kit. Visit us at the studio to choose from superior imported and domestic stained glass to create your dragon wings.

Dragons make a unique gift!

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