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Stained Glass Lovebirds by Chippaway Art Glass

Stained Glass Birds on Branches
The Lovebirds above are on our Big Birds page.

Stained Glass Charlie Chipmunk by Chippaway Art Glass

Charlie Chipmunk with Acorns
has joined our Big Birds page.

Butterfly Kits

• Butterfly Kits
found on our Dragons page!

Stained Glass Dragonfly in shades of pink, orange, and green

• Dragonfly Kits
found on our Dragons page!

Stained Glass Bumblebee by Chippaway Art Glass

• Bumblebee Kits (New Design!)
found on our Dragons page!

Chippaway Art Glass is a stained glass studio located in Pelham, New Hampshire. For over 44 years Chippaway has been creating fine custom designs for homes and businesses with its clientele extending throughout North America, Europe and beyond.

Chippaway's latest creation include Window Frame Birds which depict colorful stained glass Hummingbirds, Song Birds, Chickadees, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Titmice, Nuthatches, Baltimore Orioles, and Purple Finches. Birds rest on a branch with stained glass green leaves which can be mounted on your window frame or any place you choose.

We also have designed several larger birds which include the Great Horned Owl, Crow with Acorns, Red Tail Hawk and Crackers the Parrot. All these birds add a bright touch of color as the sunlight shines through the stained glass. Please take a look at our selection of Window Frame Birds and if you are a stained glass hobbiest, we have bird kits available for you to make yourself.

Please enjoy the rest of the site as we also feature stained glass dragons and dragonflies, and a gallery featuring a portfolio of custom designed glass work. If you have something special in mind, please contact Chippaway Art Glass at (603) 893-2286. We will be happy to create your custom design. Thank you for visiting or come by the studio and check out the stained glass birds, angels, custom work, and stained glass supplies first hand. We hope you enjoy the site and welcome your comments and questions.

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Chippaway Art Glass
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NEW! Midi-Plus Branches!
Click for 3 NEW birds! Painted Bunting, Canada Jay, Purple Finch!

NEW! Stained Glass B U M B L E B E E   K I T S !
Click for Bumblebee Kits on our Dragon's page!

Click for: How to make "Birds on Branches" in Stained Glass

Birds on Mini & Midi Branches, Birds on Larger Branches and our Big Birds . . . buy one finished or for the Craftsperson, buy a Do-It-Yourself Bird Kit! Window Frame Birds make a unique and beautiful gift!

Stained Glass Birds on Branches
Click on image for Window Frame Birds.

Stained Glass Cardinals on branch, Window Frame Birds by Chippaway Art Glass
$112.00 Cardinals Male and Female ($122.00 with berries) Click here to see 30 finished examples of various birds, dragonflies, and dragons! Or buy a kit and make it yourself!

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