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Larger Birds on Branches (13 1/4" to 14 1/2" wide)
include . . . Crow, Owl, Hawk and Parrot

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Birds on Mini (6 1/2" wide) and Midi (9 1/2" wide) Branches
Birds on Larger branches (13 1/4" to 14 1/2" wide)

Branches can be mounted into the side of any window frame. Finished Birds on Branches are 13 1/2 to 14 1/2 inches wide. Finished Birds on Branches are for sale with kits available for the craftsperson (see side bar on right). All orders are placed by phone (603) 893-2286. Window Frame Birds make a unique and beautiful gift!

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Larger Birds on Branches by Chippaway Art Glass

Stained Glass Crow with Acorns by Chippaway Art Glass

Our larger Birds include:

Crow with Acorns
Great Horned Owl
Red Tail Hawk
Crackers the Parrot

$150.00 Crow with Acorns
Size: 13 1/2" wide

Stained Glass Owl by Chippaway Art Glass Stained Glass Red Tail Hawk by Chippaway Art Glass

$345.00 Great Horned Owl
Size: 16" tall x 14 1/2" wide


$255.00 Red Tail Hawk
Size: 12" tall x 14 1/2" wide


Please contact us to place your order or visit us at the studio to make your purchase. Custom orders welcome. We accept Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

All orders are placed by phone
at (603) 893-2286.
Thank you!

Stained Glass Parrot Crackers by Chippaway Art Glass
    $190.00 Crackers the Parrot
Size: 21" tall x 14 1/2" wide

Make your purchase at the Pelham, NH Studio or use our handy price list below, then give us a call at (603) 893-2286 to place your order!

Packing and Shipping Costs
Orders are shipped by US MAIL. Packing and shipping charges will be added. Please call if you need a shipping quote.

Do-It-Yourself Kits
For the craftsperson who wants to "do it yourself," kits are available in the studio or by mail.

Window Frame Bird Kit Packaging

Introductory BIRD KIT Special!
Buy 3 Bird Kits - receive a Dragonfly Kit FREE!
Click to see details of the Dragonfly Kit.

Do-It-Yourself Window Frame Bird Kits
Price List

$21.95 Crow with Acorns Kit
$23.95 Great Horned Owl Kit
$23.95 Parrot Kit
$23.95 Red Tail Hawk Kit

Window Frame Bird Kits above - include:
• 1 Bird pattern
• 1 Pewter branch (approx. 14 - 15 inches)
• Mounting screw
• Wire
• Instructions

Branches only:
• Up branch $21.50
• Down branch $19.50

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